UCOVA Strategy

Africa has never been on a consistent adaptation of the technological advancement. While the rest of the world enjoyed the convenience of the house phone, most  African never got around to having a telephone in their homes. However, we have embraced the mobile phone as the rest of the world has embraced it. Again, we have just began to develop malls to experience the mall shopping experience while the rest of the world moves towards e-commerce and online shopping. At UCOVA.COM, we want to help Africa and African around the world make that technological leap. At ucova.com, we have created an e-commerce site for businesses and consumers to buy and sell their products and services. We are changing the way Africa shop, work and live regardless of currency, language and country.

The main Home page:

  • UCOVA MARKETPLACE: The exclusive online marketplace for products sold exclusively by ucova
  • UCOVA DEALS: the online marketplace to shop for anything sold by others
  • UCOVA CARS: In need of a new car? Check out brands from dealers and individuals
  • UCOVA HOMES: Buy, sell or rent your next property: a site to directly rent properties:
  • UCOVA FOOD: Hungry, check out hundreds of cuisines and dishes
  • UCOVA JOBS: connect with thousands of jobs, hiring manager and companies
  • UCOVA TRAVEL: book your next hotel, flight and rent a car
  • UCOVA WHOLESALE: The exclusive b2b website for wholesalers and retailers
  • Layout: each page should have an icon: example: the UCOVA CARS house have a car icon etc. UCOVA JOBS should have a briefcase or a person with briefcase.
  • Each site homepage should have a background that speaks to that the sector. Example: UCOVA Homes should have a city with houses in the background.

Video on main page explaining ucova:


Welcome to Ucova, the site where African trade. We connect millions of customers to local and international businesses. We are transforming the way African live, shop and work

UCOVA Marketplace and Deals

Do you need a new pair of shoes or dress for the birthday party? Go on ucova to find that perfect size dress or pair of shoes.

Did you lose your cell phone or headphone last night and you need a new one, go on ucova.com and check out thousands of brands.

You found that cell phone that lost after buying the new one, guess what? You can sell the other on ucova.com.

For a better shopping experience, we are partnering with hundreds of trusted and reliable transportation companies to help deliver your products.

Whether you are looking for that perfect dress, pair of shoes, cellphone or headphone, our marketplace has hundreds of brands from you favorite manufacturers.

UCOVA Wholesale: Are you a manufacturer looking for retailers to buy your products in bulk, connect with ucova wholesale and gain exposure to a mass market in Africa. Looking to buy coffee or cocoa bean, cashew nuts or connect with producers and manufacturers on the continent?

UCOVA Cars/Automotive: Do you have a car, bike (Penpen), kehkeh or any automative parts to sell, check out our automotive. Search hundreds of make and models from dealers and individual sellers.

UCOVA Homes: Looking for an apartment or room? Do you have or need a house, land or commercial property to sell or buy? Connect with local real estate firms and individuals with hundreds of properties on ucova homes.


UCOVA Food: Hungry but you are too busy at work or just don’t want to leave your house? We all have better things to do. Visit ucova food and check out hundreds of cuisines from your favorite restaurants. Order and have it delivered right to your work or house.

UCOVA Travel: Need a vacation or just want to take a weekend getaway? Visit ucova travel to book your next flight, hotel or rent a car for that weekend trip. Every life needs to be refueled, don’t be that crank at work. Take a vacay!!

At UCOVA, for everything to simplify life, we’ve got you covered!

Initial strategy:

ucova Express: products sold exclusively by ucova.com. The ability to pay online and have the product shipped to your house or picked-up at one of our warehouses.

UCOVA Deals: anything from a their party such jobs, and all other products sold by individuals

Ucova Wholesale: A b2b platform that connects business to businesses. The ability for businesses to wholesale to other businesses products and services

Within six months, expand to our travel site, Food site where anyone can order food in any location. Separate our Real estate from the rest of the site. Depending on demand and strategy

Disclaimer at the bottom of all our classified ads:

  • Do not make a payment before receiving the item
  • meet seller in a public place
  • Check the item before you buy
  • pay only after collecting the item

Marketing and launching:

Register Ucova Technologies, Inc.

Use social medial pages to advertise the launch of UCOVA.COM

Solicit ads from Liberian here and in Liberia about ucova.com different platforms

Start sending out partnership to local and other international brands

Reach out to restaurants in Liberia to be feature on ucova

Continue marketing pitch in the US by reaching out to Liberian in the diaspora.

Development Strategy:


Ucova Marketplace is the # 1 e-commerce site for all your shopping needs. We make it easy for retailers and wholesaler to set-up online store front to buy and sell everything from fashion, the latest electronics, appliances, computers, health and beauty and sporting products. If you can spell it, you will find it Ucova Marketplace. With thousands of products from thousand of merchants, there is always a sale happening at Ucova Marketplace. Coupled with easy payment methods and reliable delivery services, we have become the best and most trusted e-commerce site. We have partnered with some of your favorite brand in the electronics and fashion industry to bring you authentic products. We use data and your shopping habits to enhance your shopping experiences by suggesting products and services that maybe peak your interest.

Are you a retailer looking to buy at wholesale? Visit Ucova Marketplace and find thousand wholesalers

Can’t find what you are looking, contact our sourcing services.

Develop ucova marketplace into a user-friendly website for both businesses and individuals. Partner with ECO-BANK to develop or enhance their payment platforms to enable our consumers to pay directly online. We will then merge ucova marketplace and deals to exist on one website. The team will then switch to a percentage base fee method to appeal to every level of the economic class and allow anyone to be able to sell. With this percentage based pricing model, we will stop offer free listing on our deal website. The exclusive online marketplace for products sold exclusively by ucova


We all need transportation that can get us from point A to point B. Browse hundreds of brand of cars being sold by individuals and dealers. Regardless of your method of transportation, cars, bikes (Pen-Pen) or Kehkeh, at Ucova  Cars, if it moves and it has engine, will can find it. We have partnered with major parts brands and aftermarket manufacturers to bring you OEM and aftermarket parts. You can also buy parts from individuals and other dealers right here on Ucova Cars.

Rent and sell

Do you have a car for rent or sale? list your services on Ucova Cars. You can search by make, models and body style. You can also search based on price.

Develop this site into an easy to use domain and increase the number of dealers, brands (local and international) that can sell directly to the Liberian people. Develop partnerships with manufacturers (Nissan, Toyota, Honda) and other auto brands to pitch to the Liberian consumer. Develop an aggressive social media marketing campaign to develop the brand.

UCOVA HOMES: The # 1 site for anything real estate

Ucova Home brings the emerging real estate market in Liberia to one place. As we see the emergence of development in Liberia, Ucova Homes makes it easy for real estate developer, agents and everyone in between to buy and sell homes, find apartments, warehouses and office spaces to rent. At Ucova Homes, you don’t have to drive around to find your next place. Browse thousands of real estate listing in any part of the country, just visit Ucova Homes.  Whether you are looking for an affordable apartment in central Monrovia or a luxury condo or apartment on Roberts Field Highway, Ucova Homes have varieties of houses for rent and sale, apartment for rent and office space, warehouses and other retail spaces. For every real state need from residential, commercial and land, visit Ucova Homes.

Developers and Real Estate Agents:

Are you a developer, architects or a real estate agent selling with one or multiple homes to sell? You don’t have to pay exorbitant listing fees for your listings. Post and manage your listings in one place.

UCOVA FOOD: Hungry, check out hundreds of cuisines and dishes

UCOVA JOBS: The # 1 job site in Liberia.

Just graduated and looking for a new job? Do you have position open at your company and need to find the right person? Do you need someone for that construction project or need to find a reputable company for your construction project? Check out UCOVA JOBS, we have hundreds of companies, and individuals with the right skills. Ucova jobs is the preferred site for private sector companies and other NGOs looking to fill opening in their firm. You will find many resourceful tips that will help you land your next big job or score that next contract.

Connect with companies and hiring managers to find your next job. The site for employers and job seekers.

Have a construction project and need a qualified candidate? Visit Ucova Jobs and search thousands of resumes

Are you a company with opening in your firm? Post the job on Ucova Jobs

Need tips on writing a professional resume? visit Ucova Jobs for the best tips and guidance on resume writing and interviewing skills.

Post jobs

Search for jobs

Find the best candidate for the job or project

Connect with companies

Post job services such as contractor looking for job, construction companies can post their services or trades for free.

UCOVA TRAVEL: book your next hotel, flight and rent a car

UCOVA WHOLESALE: The exclusive b2b website for wholesalers and retailers

How Ucova Works:

How to Sell on Ucova Marketplace:

1. Take some clean pictures (up to five) of each item

2. Log on to Ucova.com and create an account

3. Upload the pictures of each item to your account

4. Pay the fee (Easy mobile to mobile transfer, or directly online)

6. Go back to the site to list your items or authorize us to list it for you.

Congratulations! Your products are now available to the 4.6 million Liberians and the rest of the world.

Post on Ucova Deals

How to post your items (5 items or less) on Ucova Deals

1. Note: Anything under $100 USD is free post on our Deals website: follow the steps below

1. Take a picture (up to five) of each item

2. Complete our listing form for each item. If you have over five items, use our multiple listing form with short description

3. Submit the completed listing form request to us at [email protected]

Make sure that you include your phone number, email or both.

Accounts and Registration:

How to create an account

Ans: Go on ucova.com to create an account. You can use the account across all of our platforms.

If Ucova post my ad, how can I manage it? Ans: Yes, go on to ucova.com and create an account. That account can be use across all of ucova platforms. Your ads will be linked to your account. You can edit your ads whenever you choose. We will get a prompt and post the updated ad.

Your ads on Ucova Deals will stay on until the item is sold

You cannot change an ads from one item to another, create a separate ad for a different item.

You don’t need an account to browse, however you do need one to complete a sale on our marketplace

Who delivers my orders? Ucova has partnered with trusted logistic companies such as Saferides and other logistical partners to ensure your orders are always delivered

Disclaimer on classified sites

1. Do not make a payment before receiving the item                                                             

2. Meet seller in a public place

3. Check the item before you buy

4. Pay only after collecting the item

Our Marketplace Price model:

For merchants and other vendors with physical storefront, wholesalers and other retailer in need of an online presence for a fraction of the cost to develop, host and maintain a website, our marketplace gives you the hassle free presence. For just $20/month, you can create a mini store front and sell as many items to our million plus daily users. Engage your customers, and enhance your brand and product presence with easy payment methods.

  • Ucova Cars: $30 per month for up to three listings (can be a month to month)
  • Ucova Homes: $30 per month on a month to month basis
  • Ucova Jobs is free for job seekers and employers.
  • Payment options for Ucova Marketplace:
  • Bank deposit transfer
  • Cash on Delivery (Easier)
  • Mobile money transfer using your Orange Mobile Account. Preferred.

Placing and completing an order:

  • Browse our site for the ideal item or items.
  • Click on the “BUY NOW” button to add the item or items to your cart
  • When you are ready to check out, click on “CART”
  • Register or sign-in to your account using your email and password
  • Enter your shipping and billing information
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Confirm the order by clicking on “CONFIRM ORDER” and Review, make changes if needed
  • Click on “SUBMIT ORDER” to finish
  • Call, email or text us if you have any issue with placing your order.

Prospective Partners:

Website Developers
Resilient Coders

[email protected]

Prospective distributor partners for cell phones
Micromax informatics Ltd

Micromax House 90B, Sector-18

Gurgaon, Pin Code 122015

[email protected]

Infinix Mobile

[email protected]

Daniel Osei-Antwi

Managing Director

[email protected]

Orange Liberia Partnership:

With Orange Partnership, we make paying for your listing fees easy

For shoppers, it gives you an easy way to pay for your products on Ucova Marketplace.

  • Customers can do the following:
  • Cash in: Deposit money into their Orange Money account
  • Cash out: Withdraw money from their Orange Money account
  • Money Transfer: Transfer money from Person to Person within Liberia
  • Top Up: Buy Orange airtime for yourself and others
  • Bill Payment: Pay for goods and services from utility companies and service providers like LEC
  • Balance enquiry: Query available balance

About US:

Ucova.com was birthed from a 3Days Start-up idea pitched 2014. We had a simple goal; bring the online shopping experience to all African by changing the way we shop, live and work. The continent is full of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and producers of products and services. We want African and African countries to trade amongst themselves. We see a continent where entrepreneurs and their companies find buyers for their products and services while having a global reach.

Africa has never been on a consistent adaptation of technological advancement. Example: while the world enjoyed the convenience of a house phone, most African never got around to having a telephone in their homes. However, we have leaped into the mobile phone era and have embraced it like the rest of the world. At Ucova.com, we are bringing the rest of Africa to make another technological leap to e-commerce by changing the way we shop, live, work and transact with each other. If you can spell it, it’s probably on ucova.com.

Access to intercontinental trade:

The continent is full of passionate entrepreneurs, innovative manufacturers and resilience producers with exciting products and services to enhance lives. At Ucova, we see a future were African countries trade amongst themselves, and entrepreneurs and their companies find buyers for their products and services on the continent while having a global reach. Whether you are selling one item, have a small boutique of products, have a factory or warehouse of products to sell, you need online presence. Ucova gives you access to the over billion Africans, and the rest of the world!

Contact US

Corporate Office

Liberia, West Africa

9th Street, Sinkor Monrovia

(231) 886796296

[email protected]

Ucova Sourcing
1452 Dorchester Ave

Boston, MA 02122

Tel: 781-228-9147

[email protected]

[email protected]

Investor Relations

[email protected]

Advertise with US:

We give your brand a platform to gain exposure with our shoppers. Give your brand the awareness and engage buyers with either featured videos or content ads. We use data to analyze shopping behaviors to help enhance the shopping experience.

Ucova Pricing model (subscription). 3 types of accounts

Select Account type at registration

Debit out of bank account/credit card

Option to upgrade/downgrade anytime

1. Basic Account (Free)

  • 2% Fees on total sales
  • Buy and Sell products
  • Store Inventory up to 50 items

2. Silver Account

  • 1.5% fee on total sales
  • Buy and Sell products
  • Store inventory cap at 150 items
  • Ability to email customer directly from your account

3. Gold Account

  • 1.25% fee on total sales
  • Part of our select vendor/Supplier
  • Buy and Sell product
  • Unlimited inventory cap
  • Source from our verified vendors
  • Email client directly
  • Gold Star indication on profile

App Design Features:

Log-in options:             Facebook, Email


phone number


Step 1:

Select primary region (West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, South Africa or USA)

Select Country: select a country from one of the regions in Africa. For USA, Select USA

Step 2:

Select membership type

Basic Account

Silver Account

Gold Account

Ability to go into setting and update address, payment info and shipping information

Ability to change default region in Setting/Profile


Explore (Warehouses Wholesaler and Verified Vendors) Categories


My Orders



Dashboard (Payment, inventory, sales etc)

Scripe Connect: to allow inter-App payment

Shopping cart