How We Got Here

Ucova was birthed 2014 at a 3 Day Start-up weekend. We had a simple goal to change how people shop, live and work through e-commerce in Africa. The continent is full of entrepreneurs, manufacturers and producers of products and services. We envisioned an Africa where countries within the continent trade amongst themselves, and entrepreneurs and their companies find buyers for their products and services on the continent while having a global reach. We are a cross-border e-commerce site that enables African businesses and entrepreneurs to shop and trade products and services in one place regardless of language, currency or country.

We begin this journey with a Pan Africa goal to give every manufacturer, entrepreneur, farmer, and all doer access to finding buyers to their products and services. Engage their customer and enhance their brand exposure with millions of our daily site visitors all in one place. Whether you are selling one item, have small boutique of products, have a factory or warehouse of products to sell at retail or wholesale, Ucova gives you access to the billion plus African and the rest of the world.  Ucova.com, “Do More!”(TM)

Single platform Cross-Border E-commerce Site.

Ucova wants you to “Do More” with your time and so we have created the best e-commerce site that allows you to find everything you can shop for from vendors across Africa on one site. Don’t let your shopping take you on multiple websites, find everything you need right here and have it delivered to your door. We have created the perfect destination for vendors to shop from and reach 1.2 billion Africans and North America from the comfort of their home, mobile or tablets. With a click of a button, you can shop for home goods, the latest electronics, fashion from any country and designer products and brands. Shop your favorite sport team wear including stylist gym wear, games, watches, books, health and beauty products and, yes, everything under the sun! On Ucova, we believe you can “Do More.”

Services: Our Ecosystem for Everyone

We have created the “Ucova Ecosystem” of people that “Do More” to create opportunities for their families and environment. At Ucova, you don’t have to be tech savvy to sell or make money. If you are a designer or know a designer that makes great products but don’t have time to sell, “Do More” with your time by partnering with us as a supplier. Our partner-suppliers can design or make products and supply directly to Ucova. We will do the selling while you continue to “Do More” with your time.

Ucova – “Let’s Do More!”

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